Rhythm changes everything

Rhythmic Balance

Everything around us are of rhythmic balance. In nature, the rhythmic balance could be found from the patterns of nature. For example, they could be found in the fern leaf which is well known for its seamless pattern, or the regular sun rise and sun set based on the rotational rhythm of the earth, or the tidal wave which is grounded on the interaction rhythm between the moon and the earth. For most of us, our rhythmic balance involves the routines of life, from the daily chores we carry out to the details of how often we yawn in a day.

When that rhythmic balance is disrupted, something would change. In nature, when the balace is off, it would set off events or result in extra-ordinary creations. For us, when our mind and body are not in rhythmic balance, we are likely to be incoherent and act out of our character. Sometimes that could be good though most of the time it is likely to be of consequence.

On the other hand, when we achieved body and mind balance, our whole self is in rhythm. We will be able to enter a zone where we, as a whole, is synchronized with our environment. Just like ripples in the water, our mind can be very easily disturbed by our thoughts and external influences. Through our unique training programmes, we could transform each of our thoughts into beautiful droplets of water where our actions are in synchrony with our surrounding.

At RHYTHM, we devised a three approach method to help individuals to achieve a holistic rhythmic balance. We named them as RHYTHM.mind™, RHYTHM.pilates™, and RHYTHM.flow™.


We based our RHYTHM.mind™ method on mindfulness training. We focus in getting you to practise non-judgemental present moment awareness. We work with you on -

  • stress reduction
  • buidling resilience
  • improving self-esteem
  • relationships
  • career development


We based our RHYTHM.pilates™ method on pilates training for physical health. We focus in getting you to practise strength and body optimization. We work with you on -

  • body strength control
  • postural alignment
  • movement precision
  • relaxation
  • stamina


We developed RHYTHM.flow™ method as an approach to help you understand how your body and mental health is affected by your living patterns and habits. We focus in getting you to attain optimal wellness through the integration of both mind and body. We work with you on -

  • lifestyle correction
  • weight management
  • nutrition adjustment
  • disease prevention
  • minimalist contentment