Do not dwell in the past

Do not dream of the future

Concentrate the mind on the present moment

Mindfulness Training

Humans are emotional creatures. We are often influenced by the happenings in our life, from happy times to disturbing moments. These moments often hijack our thoughts and deprive us to enjoy the present moment. For example, if an argument happened in the morning before you go to work, chances are you would lose your focus at certain times of the day as your mind would wander into events that were related to the argument. Such past memories often linger until they fade away or you learnt to let them go or when new events take over that emotions. Simiarly, we are influneced by future events. For example, your best friend's wedding is coming up this weekend. You are part of the group to help make this a wonderful and memorable day. Your involvement is exciting and you are looking forward to that moment where everything and everyone will enjoy the celebrations. Therefore, while working, your thoughts will in one way or other wander to those excitments. It is not hard to imagine that these behaviors would seriously affect our life if we do not learn how to manage them. It might even cause accidents at some points.

At RHYTHM, we believe that it is important to learn to manage and regulate our emotions. We did this in part, through the controlled exercises of our RHYTHM.pilates™ lessons. For those who like to have more focused emotions regulation training, you can opt to attend more RHYTHM.mind™ training that is based on mindfulness. Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing your attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment. What this means is that we train individual how to focus in the present moment and not get distracted by the past memories or the future events. When you practice mindfulness successfully, you will be able to focus in your meetings, your studies, your interactions with people and not get worried about past or future events. By living in the present moment, you will learn to let go and be less judgemental of others. You will get to live happier and enjoy the moments of your life. Mindfulness has been scientifically shown to help many individuals to overcome stress and trauma.

By providing this mindfulness training, our clients are able to attain a holistic wellness of their self, both in the cognitive and physical capacity. They will be able to create the ensō in their life where the mind and body flows with the environment. Corporations who engage us to do such training reported better human resource outcome. If you like to know more about how we create the rhythmic balance between mind and body, please get in touch with us.