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Pilates Training

It is said that your health and personality is betrayed by your body. For example, when a person is overweight, it is likely that there are accumulation of extra fats due to the imbalance between what the body could consume and the dietary intake. The cause could be genetic or it could be external influence. Understanding your body and knowing how to achieve optimal body form and shape requires knowledge and disciplined exercises. This is espeically so when you are aged above 30 where your body needs more attention as your metabolism starts to slow down. Without a regimental routine and a good knowledge to balance your body needs, your muscles will lose its elasticity and strength and you will not be at your physical best.

At RHYTHM, we have developed a set of our flows and exercises to help build your core strength and overall fitness. Our RHYTHM.flow™ focuses in helping you to understand your body health, your lifestyle, and your optimal physical ability. Our RHYTHM.pilates™ focuses on the application of pilates controlled and postural exercises. All these approaches are built upon our years of expereince and knowledge of human anatomy. Our unique approach includes the use of aqua exercises, carried out in our private pool, that are more suitable for individuals who require the water medium to help lift their bodies. In addition, unlike others, we constantly refer to published journals that are evident based and seek to improve our approaches.

Our holistic apporach helps us to imporve our clients' cognitive and physical health. Clients who had been through our pilate sessions often feedback on how enjoyable and effective are our exercises. If you like to know more about how we create the rhythmic balance between mind and body, please get in touch with us.